Miss United States 2014

 Miss United States 2014

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia - Elizabeth Safrit (22; 1.75m; Kannapolis, North Carolina) was crowned Miss United States 2014 at the Sphinx Club in Washington, District of Columbia on July 6. She will represent the United States in Miss World 2014 in London, England on December 14. Mae-Ann Web (South Carolina) was the first runner-up and Vincenza Carrieri-Russo (Delaware) was the second runner-up. The third runner-up was Katy Moody (Kentucky) and the fourth runner-up was Khari Siegfried (Pennsylvania).

Jessica Escamilla (Alabama), Tia McDonald (Florida), Jessica Versteeg (Iowa), Renata de Carvalho (Massachusetts) and Jennifer de Cillis (New Jersey) were the top ten semi-finalists.
Lauren Hickey (Hawaii), Chelsie Folden (Ohio), Rachel White (Texas), Jordan Davis (Tennessee), Raven Reed (Vermont) and Natasha Dirk (Wyoming) were the top sixteen quarter-finalists.
Safrit is a senior at the University of South Carolina and is currently pursuing her degree in political science with a minor in journalism. She hopes to further a career in broadcast journalism after she obtains her graduate degree. She aspires to become a political news analyst for a major news network.

Megan Lynne Young, Miss World 2013, and Stephen Douglas, Events Director of Miss World, were present at the event. This is the first Miss World national pageant in the United States since the late U.S. Miss World pageant last held in 2005 and won by Lisette Diaz in San Francisco. From 2006 to 2013, the Miss World contestants from the United States were designated without a national pageant. The Miss United States pageant began in 2004 and the director is Christopher Wilmer. Wilmer was recently appointed as the new Miss World national director for the United States.

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