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Miss Gabon World 2014

 Miss Gabon 2014

LIBREVILLE, Gabon - Maggaly Omrnellia Emmanuelle Nguema (21) was crowned Miss Gabon 2014 (photo above) on November 30. She will represent Gabon in Miss Universe 2014. Pulcherie Nze Nzoughe (24) was crowned Miss Monde Gabon 2014 (photo below) at the same event held at the Botanical Gardens of Libreville. She will represent Gabon in Miss World 2014 in London, England.

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Miss Swaziland World 2013/2014

Newly crowned Miss Swaziland Samukelisiwe Magagula was a firm crowd favourite from the beginning of the event up until her crowning.
Newly crowned Miss Swaziland Samukelisiwe Magagula was a firm crowd favourite from the beginning of the event up until her crowning. 
This was during the glitzy event which was held at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre on Saturday night. 
The 24-year-old oozed confidence and poise on stage.
 Her fans screamed her name throughout the night. 
She had a large audience of supporters. The beauty who said during an interview with this publication, she was unaware of this was surprised when her fellow finalists told her that she had the loudest screams and support on the night.  
“I was told that I was the crowd favourite but honestly did not know this as I would be lying if I admitted to have heard those screams,” she said. 
The beauty who takes over from retired Miss Swaziland Ayanda Dube said she is prepared to be a different beauty ambassador from the rest of those who were crowned before. 
Samukelisiwe revealed that the great thing about her crowing is that she already has a ten month itinerary that the organisers have planned for her therefore, will not be one of those idle queen. 
“I will be hard at work doing ambassadorial duties and I am most excited to work with the youth and put their issues in the forefront during my reign as my passion does lie mostly with young people,” she said.  Samu, as she is affectionately known, expected to win.
 She revealed during the interview, though she said  a moment of doubt came after the question and answer section.  “I couldn’t hear the judge and had to ask her to repeat that question three times. 
Even when I answered I wasn’t sure I was giving the right answer,” she added.  
Despite bagging lots of votes during the telephonic voting period, Andile Silenge failed to make it to the top five. She won neither the Miss Personality nor Miss Congeniality titles. 
The Miss Personality title was taken by Temndeni  Zwane and Miss Congeniality by the eventual winner, Samukelisiwe Magagula. 
The top five was then selected. Temndeni Zwane, Melissa Marvis, Nadia Nascimento, Sebenzile Tsabedze and Samukelisiwe Magagula were chosen.
The event was an overall success. 
It was well organised except that time keeping was an issue.
 Programme director Maandan, who is a South African comedian, managed to keep the audience occupied with his brilliant sense of humour. 
Princess Sikhanyiso was the guest of honour. 
She sent a representative in the person of Imbali Indvuna Nonduduzo Zubuko.

...Miss SD prize package to remain
a mystery until November 23
The Miss Swaziland winners will have to exercise a considerable amount of patience when it comes to their winnings.
They will only know what it is they have to show for their titles on November 23.
The official prize presentation will be held at the Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture (SNCAC) offices in Manzini. 
This was announced during the finals on Saturday.  
Pageant director Thandeka Matse told the programme director Maandan to notify guests about this so that no questions or interrogations are posed about this to the girls or the committee after this pageant is over. Many guests who were interviewed on the night expressed the hope that maybe for the first time in a long while the Miss Swaziland pageant would have worthwhile prizes. 
“Judging by how glitzy the finals were, the prizes had better not undermine the standard they have managed to set. 
It would be a shame to create such hype then fail to deliver on the one thing that is most important about this pageant,” said Fikile Manana, who said she had a great time at the Miss Swaziland finals. 
Another guest also said he had faith that Thandeka handled the prizes well.
 “She has managed to host a great finale so the bar has been raised high. I believe she will surprise us,” said Sipho Kunene.  

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Miss & Mister Luxembourg 2014

Miss & Mister Luxembourg 2013

(LW) - Am Samstagabend wurden in Bad Mondorf die neuen Miss und Mister Luxembourg gewählt. Der Titel der attraktivsten Dame ging an Frédérique Wolff, während Osvaldo Sanchez Rivera sich für das kommende Jahr Mister Luxembourg nennen darf. Unterstützt wird das Paar von der Première Dauphine Cynthia Da Moura Varela und der Deuxième Dauphine Barbara Nijhuis.

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Miss Cyprus 2013/2014

 Pancyprian Official Beauty Contest 2013

NICOSIA, Cyprus - Elísa Georgíou (19) was crowned Star Kypros 2013 (Star Cyprus 2013) at the conclusion of the Pancyprian Official Beauty Contest 2013 on November 7. She will represent Cyprus in Miss Universe 2014. Ioánna Filíppou (19) finished in second place and was crowned Miss Kypros 2013 (Miss Cyprus 2013) at the same event held at the Mega TV studios in Nicosia. She will represent Cyprus in Miss World 2014 in London, England. The runner-up of Star Cyprus is Katerína Theodorou and the runner-up of Miss Cyprus is Maírii Zavoú.

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Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2014

 Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2014

MANAGUA, Nicaragua - María Esther Cortés Molina (21) was crowned Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2014 at the Rubén Darío National Theatre in Managua on November 2. She will represent Nicaragua in Miss World 2014 in London, England. The first runner-up was Yumara López and the second runner-up was Daniela González. This is the first Miss Mundo Nicaragua pageant organized by Denis Dávila who obtained the license for the nation in 2011. The pageant also featured a reality series.