Inauguración del certamen Miss World 2012

Inauguración Miss World 2012

Mostramos las imágenes de la inauguración del certamen Miss World, que se esta realizando en la ciudad de Ordos, China.

Miss World 2012 Opening Ceremony

We'll be blogging the latest updates from front-row seats at Dongsheng Stadium, Ordos so make sure to follow us here!
19.51 - The contestants are all here and the auditorium is starting to buzz with anticipation. The lights are lowering, the compere is announcing the show in Chinese and spotlights are sweeping the stadium. Strap in, it's about to get exciting!
20.01 - The crowd has really gone to town with glow sticks and rattles. Lots of sparkle and noise all around, the atmosphere is vibrant!
20.05 - Lights are dimming and the stage has started to glow! On the screens a jumbo jet has just landed and WHAT'S THIS? Here come the contestants!!!

20.05 - Wow! The front door of the plane opens and the girls descend a glittering staircase to the stage draped in the traditional blue scarves of Mongolia. Wearing beautiful bright dresses ther walk towards the audience waving enthusiastically.
20.06 - The girls are serenaded by live singers standing up at the top of the dune-shaped stage. To either side they are flanked by dancers in traditional Mongolian costumes...and now for the introduction.

20.19 - The hosts greet us and wish us a warm welcome to Ordos and the Miss World Festival 2012 (the 62nd!). More furious clapping from the stands! The girls are arrayed across the stage behind them looking radiant in an rainbow of beautiful dresses.
20.20 - Glitter fills the air, music starts booming and the contestants arrive on stage in dresses in bright yellow maxi dresses, performing a traditional dance holding colourful blue, yellow and red parasols. Perfectly in synch, the crowd applauds loudly as they execute a series of moves. At the front a band sing and wave to the crowd.

20.27 - The act finishes and traditional Mongolian dancers take the stage. Dressed in white draped outfits they are perform a dance that segues between elegant and athletic - we just saw  some gymnastics!

20.37 - We're treated to two pop songs by a popular Chinese singer, much dancing in seats!
20.47 - Treated to a performance of the Chinese long sleve, traditional dance....beautiful.  Stage is amazing and the background graphics really do make this spectacular!
20.53 - Contestants have taken to the stage again, wearing their blue scarfs and evening wear.   One by one they are hanging their blue scarfs on a traditional Yurt and are being introduced to the huge audience...
20.56 - Zilin (Miss World 2007) has just made a guest appearance on stage - we can't hear ourselves over the audience's applause!!!!
20.59 - Zilin is wearing a long black evening dress....beautiful
21.07 - Second gymnastic performance of the night, all male gymnast group, eye defying, the crowd love them!!!
21.15 - Female singer performing on stage, surrounded by dancers wearing long pink dresses with pink flower umbrellas....It looks so colourful on the stage!!
21.22 - Contestants back on stage in evening wear........
21.24 - Contestants waving to the audience, Julia Morley has been invited on stage to give a speech...
21.27 - Julia Morley is asked -  'What do you think of Ordos', she replies "It is unique, beautiful and it is a place to come and spend your summer"....
21.32 - Instrumental group playing violins, drums and guitars, all dressed in white.....
21.41 - The contestants are backstage in VERY SPECIAL costumes....they are getting ready to go on stage for the finale......
21.45 - A singer has come on stage and been mobbed by an ardent fan who ran on stage, drama!!

21.53 - The finale!!! All the girls are on the stage in either blue, white or yellow Mongolian traditional dresses, it's so striking. All around them are dancers and above the dune a heart-shaped balloon. Centre stage is a very special guest...Ivian Sarcos, Miss World winner 2011. Looking radiant in a silver sequinned dress and red velvet skyscraping shoes.
22.00 - Fireworks go off as the contestants leave the stage, the audience is going crazy standing up, clapping, whooping and waving glowsticks. We cannot WAIT to see the final!

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