Miss World 2011 Sports Fast Track

The morning of day four began with tryouts for the sports fast track event at Miss World 2011. The girls managed to keep a smile on their faces as they preformed a range of different challenging tasks, commenting afterwards that despite the hard-work, it was still lots of fun. Germany and Mexico agreed that the push-ups were the hardest part of the tryouts. Nigeria, who commented that she’s not usually a sporty person, still thought it was fun and a huge adrenaline rush.

The sport’s tryouts consisted of push-ups, chair leg lifts, sit-ups and more, all of which were timed at intervals of 30 seconds, where the girls were required to do as many as they could in that time. Jogging and stretching were also required before and after the event, ensuring that the girls were properly warmed up and cooled down.

Miss World 2011 Sports Fast Track Tryouts Germany, Panama and Mexico - Miss World 2011
Nigeria at Miss World 2011

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