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Miss World Scotland 2009: Noticias / News


Miss Scotland

I’ll teach you how to be World class

REIGNING Miss Scotland Katharine Brown hooked up with predecessor Stephanie Willemse... and she wouldn't have missed the chat for the world!

Kind-hearted Steph gave Kat a load of tips before the beauty queen jets off to South Africa for the glitzy Miss World contest.

Blonde Kat, 22, leaves for Johannesburg in just two weeks - and lapped up the advice.

The gorgeous duo chatted over coffee at Glasgow's Rogano as Steph shared her experiences of representing Scotland in the prestigious pageant last year.

And she warned that 5ft 11ins Kat can expect a LOT of attention.

Bikini babe ... Steph in South Africa and in final

The 20-year-old told her: "Out of 108 girls in South Africa last year there were about 10 blondes.

"I think that, and your height, will work in your favour.

"When you arrive go straight to the stylists to tell them how you want your hair and make-up for the final. Take rollers with you to give your hair lots of volume."

But the fashion tip took sporty Kat by surprise because she admitted she'd NEVER heard of rollers. She gasped: "Rollers? What are those? Can you teach me how to use them?"

Miss Scotland

Miss Scotland
 Top tips ... Stephanie talks to Katharine

Steph also told her: "Make sure you have a pair of gold heels that will go with anything because you'll be given a designer dress to wear and you'll have no idea what it looks like until nearer the finals.

"And don't forget to pack your tiara because even though I didn't need mine it's better to have it just in case.

"As soon as you arrive there are photographers waiting for you to get off the plane so make sure you look perfect.

Miss Scotland

Kat who's got the dream ... she wants to win

"In the mornings at breakfast I had rollers in because you wanted to be prepared at all times - you can be asked to go for a shoot at a minute's notice.

"And remember to stock up on fake tan because the other girls all have exotic complexions and you need to glow."

Tennis coach Kat hopes to wow the Miss World judges with her RAP song... but Steph warned her that she would only have a few seconds to impress them. The 20-year-old, from King's Park, Glasgow, said: "You get 30 seconds - you might want to think about going straight to the best part."

Kat is preparing for the month-long trip and the grand final on December 12 but Steph warned she'll be too busy to be homesick.

She added: "You won't really have the chance to feel homesick.

"It's vital you smile at all times and don't complain if they ask you to wear something you'd rather not because they can't stand whiners."

Kat added: I just can't wait now - I'm so excited."

THIS year's Miss World contest is being held in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the second year running.

The 120 contestants' month-long tour of the country will start in Johannesburg on November 14 and take in the state-of-the-art World Cup stadia before heading to the Eastern Cape.

They'll be treated to trips to the beach and an amazing safari before the hard work really starts.

The glittering final, which takes place on December 12, will see last year's 20-year-old winner, Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia, hand over the crown.

Since launching in 1951, Miss World has become a global phenomenon.

Supporters claim it increases tourism and generates economic development in the countries where it has been held.

The Miss World final is broadcast in over 180 countries, and seen by more than ONE BILLION viewers, making it the world's most-watched annual event.