martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Miss Jamaica World 2009: Noticias / News

Our Queen Departs

As Miss Jamaica World 2009 Kerrie Baylis prepares for her departure, All Woman shares details of her fabulous wardrobe as well as her absolute necessities for the Miss World competition slated for Johannesburg, South Africa.
Kerrie's first leg of her journey, which commences on October 28, takes her to London where she will meet the other contestants. The contestants will either be selected to take part in a fashion event in Abu Dhabi or continue on to Johannesburg.

1. Lebanese designer Joe Dargham created Kerrie's stage gown, which she will wear on the final night. 2. A beautiful one-shoulder animal-print dress by Neah Lis. 3.This beautiful, colourful three-tiered maxi is by T & T.

Miss Jamaica World's wardrobe is one of style and glamour, with selections from Sherry Couture (courtesy of Bling Bling), Uzuri International, Neah Lis, Mushroom, Joe Dargham and The Jamaican Fashion and Apparel Fashion Cluster: Patwa Apparel, Akira-Lyn, T&T, Anarcy Clothing and Shades of Africa.
When asked what she'd be carrying - along with her grand total of 36 outfits and an impressive 15 pairs of shoes - to make her weeks of competing easier, she takes out photos of her family and a necklace from her father. There'll also be her iPod, laptop, multivitamins, a flat iron, her favourite clutch and Vienna sausages: "I love Vienna sausages, I always carry them in my bag," she explains in between chuckles.
Best of luck, Kerrie!

Want to grab an outfit from the designers of Kerrie's wardrobe?
Come Thursday, October 29 - Fashion's Night Out, Kingston - stop at House of Flayva, 2 Trafalgar Rd, and Shades of Africa, Shop #3 20A South Ave. House of Flayva hosts designs from Patwa Apparel, Akira-Lyn, T & T Fashion and Anarcy Clothing and will be having a 10-50 per cent off sale. While Shades of Africa will offer 50 per cent off all items, 30 per cent off custom orders and 15 per cent off online orders.
Even though Kerrie will be well on her way to Johannesburg, South Africa, AW asked the self-confessed shopaholic to share five useful shopping tips for us to cling to as we 'shop 'til we drop' this Thursday. Here are her tips:

. Buy nothing without trying it on first and ensuring that it fits the way it's supposed to.
. Always hit the sales rack first.
. Always buy your size; don't sacrifice comfort for beauty.
. If you're not sure, don't buy it, it will probably end up hanging in your wardrobe - never worn.
. Be careful when taking advice from the sales assistants, "...Love their help but they may tell you it looks nice just to sell the frock."