martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2009

Gamya takes the crown of Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2009

It was a dazzling affair when 11 beautiful Sri Lankan girls walked the ramp to determine their destiny for the Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka 2009 title. Hosted by media personality Narada and former Miss Sri Lanka Rozanne Diasz, the Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2009 is definitely a lucky girl. For the first time in Sri Lanka pageant history, Miss Sri Lanka got to keep a pure silver sceptre flown all the way from New York courtesy Bullion Exchange jewellers. Happening acts performed encompassing Iraj, Priham, Nadro and the top dancers from the “Derana City of Dance’ contest gave the audience some real entertainment. The contestants dancing the ‘Macarena’ became one of the highlights of the show with good leopard print designs and pretty Jane outfits. A special song composed by Arun Liyan & sung by Derana Dream Star Udesh Indula was made especially for the Miss Sri Lanka contest and a video was also made for it. The judges included an interesting and diverse array of professionals including Ashok Ferry,Govinda Tidball, Shyamalee Tudawe, Kheema, Gerald Solomons, Yasodara Wimaladarma and Kishu Gomes.Others who helped immensely were Ramani Fernando, Senaka de Silva and Andre Estefan to make sure the show went according to plan. However, it was fate that would decide which girl would have it in her destiny to represent Sri Lanka in South Africa for the Miss World contest. From the final five, the first runner-up place went to Shermali Perera and second runner-up spot went to Ayeshani Dulangi where the girls got to keep their crown and have plenty of fabulous prizes.
The mini-title winners:
Veet Miss Beautiful Skin - Gamya Wijayadasa
Best National Costume - Amanda Silva
Rebbonn Miss Beautiful Hair - Isuri Dilshani
Miss Talent - Lakshani Heshani
Veet Top Model - Shermali Perera
Miss Beautiful Eyes - Ayeshani Dulangi
J&J Miss Clear Face - Ayeshani Dulangi
Veet Miss Beautiful Legs -Gamya Wijayadasa
Miss Photogenic - Lakshani Heshani
Fadna Miss Energetic - Ruwani Weerasooriya
Miss Congeniality - Nadisha Yapage
Miss Personality - Gamya Wijayadasa