30 marzo 2014

Miss South Africa 2014

 Miss South Africa 2014

SUN CITY, South Africa - Rolene Strauss (21, 1.78m, Bloemfontein) was crowned Miss South Africa 2014 at the Superbowl in Sun City on March 30. She will represent South Africa in Miss Universe 2014 and/or Miss World 2014. Ziphozakhe Zokufa was the first runner-up and Matlala Mokoko was the second runner-up.

28 marzo 2014

Česká Miss World 2014

 Česká Miss 2014

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Gabriela Franková (19) was crowned Česká Miss 2014 at the Karlin Musical Theatre in Prague on March 29. She will represent Czech Republic in Miss Universe 2014. First runner-up, Tereza Skoumalová (23) was crowned Česká Miss World 2014 after being chosen by a panel of judges in the same event. She will represent Czech Republic in Miss World 2014. The second runner-up was Nikola Buranská.

04 marzo 2014

Miss Israel World 2014

Malkat HaYofi Yisrā'el 2014

HAIFA, Israel - Mor Maman (18, Beersheba) was crowned Malkat HaYofi Yisrā'el 2014 at the Haifa International Convention Center on March 4. She will represent Israel in Miss World 2014 in London, England. The first runner-up was Doron Matalon (19, Beit Aryeh-Ofarim) and will represent Israel in Miss Universe 2014. The second runner-up was Tamar Skorsirb.

01 marzo 2014

Miss Russia 2014

 Miss Russia 2014

BARVIKHA, Russia - Yulia Alipova (23, 1.79m, Balakovo) was crowned Miss Russia 2014 at the Barvikha Luxury Village Concert Hall on March 1. She will represent Russia in Miss World 2014 in London, England and/or Miss Universe 2014 in Fortaleza, Brazil. The first runner-up was Anastasia Reshetova and the second runner-up was Anastasia Kostenko. The pageant had Megan Lynne Young, Miss World 2013, and María Gabriela de Jesús Isler Morales, Miss Universe 2013, as special guests.